Hotel Bel-Air

Hotel Bel-Air

New Fire Alarm system for a high-end hotel. System consisted of 5 network panels with voice capabilities, firefighters' command center, and a graphic annunciator. In addition to Fire Alarm, the system provided interface with CCTV network to generate immediate view of the alarm area. System: EST3 Network. Jurisdiction: City of Los Angeles.

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FA-01 Cover FA-02 Cover FA-03 Details FA-04 Details FA-05 Details FA-06 Site Plan FA-07 Floor Plan 1st FA-08 Floor Plan 2nd FA-09 Floor Plan 1st FA-10 Floor Plan 2nd FA-11 Floor Plan FA-12 Floor Plan FA-13 Floor Plan FA-14 Floor Plan FA-15 Floor Plan 1st FA-16 Floor Plan 2nd FA-17 Floor Plan FA-18 Riser FA-19 Riser FA-20 Calcs


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