Major Projects and Contracts


Irvine High School: Campus Fire Alarm system replacement with the addition of voice capabilities. Fire Alarm network expansion to accommodate newly constructed Gym building. The network consisted of 4 voice panels and more than 1100 peripheral devices. The system provided coverage for classrooms, auditorium, gym, library, food preparation, and administration area.
Jurisdiction: DSA

Newport Harbor High School: New voice Fire Alarm system. The system included 6 network panels, a firefighters' command center, graphic and LCD annunciators. Control panel in the new Gym building supported wide area voice alarm and announcement system for the adjacent athletic fields.
Jurisdiction: DSA

Newport Coast Elementary School: Fire Alarm system for new elementary school. The system also provided access control and security functions.
Jurisdiction: DSA

Wilson Elementary School: Complete retrofit of the existing Fire Alarm system.
Jurisdiction: DSA


Los Angeles Unified School District: Design management and coordination of review/approval process with A/E, DSA, and local schools administration. MEP coordination. Review and approval of fire alarm designs and cost estimates. Site visits for design quality, constructability, and cost-effectiveness verification. Work on updates for LAUSD fire alarm system specifications and design guidelines.

Beverly Hills Unified School District: Implementation of Measure E bond program at two BHUSD K-8 schools, Hawthorne and El Rodeo. Design supervision, MEP coordination, DSA submittal and approval process. Coordination of Submittals, RFI, and CO process. Review and approval of design and submittals schedules, development of construction phasing.


Children's Hospital Los Angeles: Network multiplex audio Fire Alarm system for the replacement hospital. The system provided coverage for a multi-occupancy facility with bed floors, office areas, cafeteria, atrium entry, parking garage, power plant, and a helicopter pad. The system consisted of 6 network panels, graphic interface, and more than 3,000 fire alarm devices.
Jurisdiction: HCAI

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital: Complete Fire Alarm system replacement, the addition of Central Plant and Parking buildings. The design included 4 network panels, more than 1600 fire alarm devices, and an interface for the Main Building Smoke Evacuation system.
Jurisdiction: HCAI

Simi Valley Hospital: Various TI projects, new Fire Alarm system for Maternity Suite and Cafeteria.
Jurisdiction: HCAI

Harbor UCLA Medical Center: New Fire Alarm system for Gastroenterology Suite and for Helicopter Landing Facilities.
Jurisdiction: HCAI


Disney Grand Californian Hotel: New audio Fire Alarm system for 4 high-rise guest towers and interconnecting administration building, smoke evacuation system. The system consisted of 6 network panels, various graphic annunciators, and more than 2800 field devices. The smoke Evacuation system was designed as a stand-alone with a central control panel in the Fire Control room and controlled operation of 12 air handler units and exhaust/supply fans.
Jurisdiction: City of Anaheim, CA

Transition House: Downtown LA facility for housing and rehabilitation of the homeless. The Fire Alarm system provided coverage for sleeping quarters, cafeteria, food preparation area, assembly, workshops, and administration area.
Jurisdiction: City of Los Angeles, CA

Saddleback Hospital Senior Housing: Alzheimer's, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Skilled Nursing 120-bed facility. In addition to Fire Alarm, the system incorporated Nurse Call and intercom functions.
Jurisdiction: Orange County Fire Authority

Hotel Bel-Air: New Fire Alarm system for a high-end hotel. The system consisted of 5 network panels with voice capabilities, a firefighters' command center, and a graphic annunciator. In addition to Fire Alarm, the system provided an interface with CCTV network to generate an immediate view of the alarm area.
Jurisdiction: City of Los Angeles, CA

La Verne Village: Large apartment complex with retail space (mixed R-2 and M occupancy) located in the City of La Verne, California. The Fire Alarm system consisted of a network of addressable Silent Knight and conventional Mircom panels. In addition to ADA-designated apartments, all units are provided with the capability to support future audio/visible alarm notification appliances.
Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County Fire Department

7Rio Apartments: New Fire Alarm system for a high-rise apartment building in Downtown Austin. The system consisted of a voice EST3 system, a firefighters' command center, and a remote annunciator. In addition to Fire Alarm, the system includes Area of Refuge equipment.
Jurisdiction: City of Austin, TX


***** **** Navy Base, California: Mass Notification/ Fire Alarm System based on Edwards EST3-Sixty panel. The system provided full-fledged voice fire alarm coverage and additional capabilities to satisfy DOD MNS specifications. The Mass Notification portion included central and local operations consoles, amber alert strobes, LED textural message displays, and extended battery backup capabilities.
Jurisdiction: DOD


Theo Lacy Jail, City of Orange: Fire Alarm system for 2 new cell towers with an interface into an existing network. To provide higher security, detention cells smoke detectors were substituted with in-duct smoke detectors, and all other peripheral devices in restricted areas were provided with tamper-proof guards. Each tower consisted of 2 network panels and about 800 devices.
Jurisdiction: City of Orange, CA


Disney’s California Adventure Park: Fire Alarm systems designed for various attractions and dining facilities – Tower of Terror, Soaring over California, Fairfax Market, Pacific Wharf Café. Projects required intensive coordination with Architects and Engineers due to high esthetic and technological standards. Each facility had its own Fire Alarm system and was connected to the Park network and graphic interface.
Jurisdiction: City of Anaheim, CA

Disneyland Resort: Replacement/upgrade of existing network panels for the entire resort and addition of Graphic Annunciation system. The project consisted of replacing more than 50 existing panels and associated peripheral devices.
Jurisdiction: City of Anaheim, CA