Factory and Industrial Group F

Factory and Industrial Group F

Occupancy is sprinklered
Automatic fire alarm system: common areas notification appliances activated by sprinkler waterflow switch.
Occupancy is NOT sprinklered
Manual fire alarm system: pull stations at all exits, every level staircase and elevator lobby; common areas notification appliances activated by any pull station.
907.2.4 Group F. A manual fire alarm system that
activates the occupant notification system in accordance
with Section 907.5 shall be installed in Group F occupancies
where both of the following conditions exist:

1. The Group F occupancy is two or more stories in
height; and

2. The Group F occupancy has a combined occupant
load of 500 or more above or below the lowest level
of exit discharge.

Exception: Manual fire alarm boxes are not required
where the building is equipped throughout with an
automatic sprinkler system installed in accordance with
Section 903.3.1.1 and the occupant notification appliances
will activate throughout the notification zones
upon sprinkler waterflow.
2019 CBC 907.2.4

Additional Requirements as applicable.


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